Our story is one of love, lust and unbridled enthusiasm.  You see, Backroads was started by two small town brothers, you might say cockeyed optimists who got themselves mixed up in the high stakes game of world class automobiles and nationwide transport.  Ours is not actually a Billy Mumphrey story, but it is fueled by a true love and enthusiasm.

Backroads was created by brothers Cory and Chris Eastman as an expression of their passion for the open road and their pursuit for the ideal two or four wheeled companion for that perfect journey.

Driving or riding the right vehicle on the right road or trail on the right day is the recipe for a feeling of freedom and joy that cannot be faked or reproduced.  We aren’t interested in selling cars, motorcycles and t-shirts.  We are passionate about spreading a feeling.  We aim to be the catalyst for your mechanical affection.  The procurers of open road fantasy.


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